O2 products were introduced to the Iraqi market in 2019 to produce home health products. By innovating in the quality and packaging of products, this brand was able to be a pioneer in the detergent and hygiene industry in the Iraqi market in a short period of time. O2 brand products include surface care products, clothing care products, home care products. O2 brand products are produced by Swiss Rose Company and distributed by Swiss Logistics Company in all parts of Iraq. Attractive design, excellent quality, and reasonable price are other highlights of this brand.

O2 Products

Skin Care:

Hand Wash liquid

Hand Antiseptic Gel

Cloth Care:

Automatic Washing Powder

Hand Washing Powder

Fabric Softener

Liquid Laundry Detergent

Black wash Liquid

White Wash Liquid

Home Care:

Dishwashing Liquid


Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid

Surface Care:

Glass Cleaner

Multi-Purpose Cleaners

All-Purpose Cleaners

Active Cleaner Gel